Tezcuco ruins, 1855-2002

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Tezcuco also has a bit of personal history for my family. The home was purchased in 1950 by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Potts, Jr..  Dr. Potts was an OB/GYN physician, and as there were no hospitals between Baton Rouge and New Orleans in the early 50's, he used his Tezcuco home also as a clinic. When my father, Dr. Ward Turner moved to town in 1952, he also would take his mothers-to-be to Tezcuco for delivery. Since it was too far from his home, my father would have to stay there until the baby was born. If the mothers were doing fine, he and Dr. Potts would go to the attic in Tezcuco and enjoy building HO model railroads! I don't believe even the tour guides for Tezcuco knew that story! My parents also recall square-dancing on the veranda of Tezcuco. Sadly, the building was destroyed by fire in May, 2002.