Louisiana Plantation Homes


My interest in plantation homes dates back to my college days working for David King Gleason. I was his black & white darkroom technician. Working part time, I was able to keep up with all of his full time black & white work. I (and my wife-to-be, Candy) accompanied him on plantation home shoots in Louisiana and Natchez, Mississippi. Mr. Gleason also later became our wedding photographer. He was the greatest "boss" for which one could ever wish. His employees were like his children, and I learned a great deal from him regarding photography, Barbershop Quartet singing, work ethic and life in general. Tragically he was killed in a helicopter crash while shooting the book "Over Atlanta". These are only 9 local antebellum structures. I hope to add many more in the near future. Please keep coming back!

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Not exactly a plantation, but is is definitely antebellum. This historic church also houses the historic 160 year old Lourdes Grotto. Also not a plantation, but has a very interesting history as a college, Union military barracks, boarding school, and finally retreat house. Laura Plantation